Criminal Justice Reform

  • Decriminalize marijuana state wide.

  • Expunge marijuana related convictions

  • Legalize the retail sale of marijuana

  • Close all private prisons and prevent the state from creating any more.


  • Fully funding Georgia public schools

  • Fully funding PreK for early learning

  • Restore cuts to HOPE Scholarship

  • Oppose voucher systems that take money away from public schools


  • Expand medicaid so that thousands of uninsured Georgians will have access to quality and affordable healthcare

  • Ensure that the resources are available so that rural Georgians have access to a local hospital.

  • Cap copays for insulin.

Economic Prosperity

  • Hemp industry access availability to all Georgians

  • Enact a liveable Wage

  • Push for state agencies to reach minority participation goals by 2024

  • Ensure that workforce development is included in tax incentives for businesses


  • Pass a constitutional amendment to allow gas tax revenue to be spent on mass transit

  • Invest in MARTA to expand transit in the metro area

Reproductive Justice

  • Repeal the State's abortion ban

  • Work to reduce maternal mortality rates



  • Sponsor comprehensive hate crimes legislation

  • Enact a robust fair employment law that prohibits discrimination including sexual orientation and gender identity. 

  • Fight against any legislation that discriminates such as the Religious Freedom Law

  • Change archaic laws to decriminalize HIV

Voting Rights

  • Enact Same-day voter registration

  • End the discriminatory voter purges

  • Allow all Georgians to vote by mail without paying postage

  • Give counties the option to extend early voting

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