Public Safety and Criminal Justice Reform

  • Public Safety is on everyone's mind.  As public safety chair for NPU-T, Josh knows first hand the challenges that we face in our community when it comes to crime. While cutting crime is important, we still spend too much money on jails. The Sheriff's budget is $80M for 2017, yet we're still having to release violent offenders soon after they're apprehended.

  • We can solve jail overcrowding and give our youth better opportunities by shifting those dollars toward decriminalizing non-violent offenses and boosting resources at our arts centers, health centers, and libraries.

  • We must lobby the state to increase the number of superior court judges to tackle the backlog in our court system.

Public Health

  • Fulton County has some of the highest HIV infection rates in the nation. As a clinical consultant that sells HIV resistance testing, Josh is the only candidate with first-hand experience around what public education and treatment around this issue will take.

  • Grady Hospital is a lifeline to many in our region.  We must ensure that we provide adequate funding so that residents will be able to receive quality healthcare.

Tax Reform

  • We were recently faced with high property assessments which would have resulted in a major tax increase for everyone. Josh plans to tackle the problem head on.

  • The Commission should review the process by which assessments are done so that they are equitable in each neighborhood.

  • The tax assessor should regularly perform assessments so that the values don’t skyrocket

  • The City of Atlanta and Atlanta School Board should also be encouraged that if taxes rise sharply, to roll back millage rates so that although there may be a property tax increase it won’t push citizens out of the county.

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